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JBL believes that sound should be an open stage. A place of free expression where voices are heard without restrictions or filters.

Imagine a world where everyone could voice themselves through music, regardless of their musical abilities. With MySong, JBL is empowering a new generation to voice themselves through music and giving them the voice of an artist to do so.

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JBL asked Maak to come up with an idea to connect with Gen Z in an authentic way. Empowering them to express themselves, making unheard voices heard, and using music to do so.

As an answer to this brief we came up with MySong. A campaign that empowers a new generation to share their stories through music. By leveraging the collaboration of a professional artist that is well known and respected within the target audience, we seek to create a platform where every voice is heard, vulnerability is celebrated and communities are build.

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Making voices heard

We teamed up with Ronnie Flex for the MySong campaign. Ronnie Flex, in partnership with JBL, created tracks based on the stories of three young individuals, stepping out of his comfort zone to amplify their voices.


The objective of the MySong campaign is to empower young individuals to express themselves through music by transforming their personal stories into impactful songs created by Ronnie Flex. The campaign aims to foster creativity, self-expression, and community engagement while showcasing the transformative power of music.

Social strategy


The campaign released through Complex Netherlands and JBL's social media channels (@JBLaudio_NL & @JBLaudio_BE) inviting young people to share their stories for a chance to have them transformed into songs by Ronnie Flex. From over 450 submissions ranging from poems to love letters, three compelling narratives stood out: Ziggy, Maeté, and Sandhia.

Reveal of the songs

Ziggy's story tackles themes of racism, self-confidence, and resilience, while Maeté's track delves into friendship, depression, and the healing power of music. The final song celebrated Sandhia's narrative, highlighting messages of female empowerment and the profound bond she shares with her mother. Prior to the official release, the winners were invited to the studio for a first listen of their songs, marking a moment of emotion and empowerment.


JBL's MySong campaign not only provides a platform for unheard voices but also celebrates the power of music.


As the lead creative of the campaign I led the project from A to Z. From debrief to concept and execution, overseeing and guiding multiple teams and stakeholders.


creative direction

concept development

campaign strategy

social campaign

brand campaign




Maak New Era Marketing

Lead creative

Roos Bulder


Jesse Plum


Valentijn Klomp

Campaign identity

Joëlle Strijk


Mike Stet & Lieve Vermeer

Project manager

Samantha Klein


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