Generation guides young talent in their career path, in a way that is different from traditional recruitment. The quest to come up with an employer branding campaign started with in depth consumer research. Resulting in a campaign that translates a big consumer insight into a powerful series of branded content. 


In research we found out that there's a big need for the new generation in having professional role models. People in work places that this generation aspires to be - to look up to and to learn from.

From this place we created 'De Generatiegesprekken'. A 'generation meets generation' branded content series, where the new generation goes into conversation with established professionals about topics such as, woman in technical work environments, inclusion and diversity and the benefits of soft skills in your professional career. 


Next to this campaign, Generation wanted to start build on their online presence, so that's what we did. We created a strategic plan to build online presence based on the existing brand guidelines. With strong content domains and activating and informative content. We went from zero to one with steady social media presence on both their Generation brand, as with their sub brand 'Samen Bouwen aan de Toekomst'. 

As a result I became the ongoing creative consultant for Generation, responsible for initiating content and overseeing new output and needs. Working together with a team of copywriters, designers, DOP's, social advertising experts and webdevelopers.


concept development

employer brand campaign

art direction

film production

creative direction



Creative direction

Roos Bulder

Consumer research

Rosa Hoynck van Papendregt (enrosa)


Nora van den Heuvel

Film direction

Roos Bulder & Nandisa Ludidi


Daan Hettinga

Film animation

Olivier Boeke


Geesje Remijnse