So Good to Wear

This cashmere fashion brand is on a mission, not only to make beautiful and soft cashmere clothing, but to do it in a way that is sustainable and good for animal and environmental welfare.


‘Cashmere that not only looks and feels good, but also does good’


Our story

Cashmere has been used for the manufacturing of garments in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years. It was always a slow and delicate process. However, due to the fast fashion industry, the production process slowly disappeared from Nepal.


We lost our connection with where our cashmere is truly coming from and we are overusing our resources. Not only do we need to go back to the origin of cashmere. We need to redesign the process with new and restored values.


We believe that ethical fashion should be the rule rather than the exception. Together we are recrafting cashmere.

20201027_SGTW_MOOD_02_1243 1.jpg

At the starting point, So Good To Wear faced challenges with resellers and consumers, not having a clear brand positioning and identity. With a team of freelancers we created a strategic concept, visual identity, content strategy, website, on- and offline communication, brand images and campaign video. 



art direction

concept development

visual design

website design+


So Good To Wear

Creative direction

Maria Visser

Brand strategy and copy

Rosa Hoynck van Papendregt (enrosa)


Barry Hullegie

Website development

Studio Redefined