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With a unique biodiversity in nature, from rain forests and mangroves, to savannahs, salt lakes and coastal lagoons, The Dominican Republic is the island dream for explorers, adventure seekers, and white-sand-beach-lovers. It is the perfect place for a guesthouse with a one of a kind travelers experience. 

Welcome to Kibayo.

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Kibayo is a home away from home, a unique guesthouse - bridging the cap between the casual comfort of a hostel and the luxury of a boutique hotel. Through multiple strategic brainstorms with the founders, we came up with a brand concept that invites and inspires a new kind of traveler, looking for experiences beyond white sand beaches and palm trees.


We invite you to to come and sink into presence with us. Connect, explore, enjoy. All at your own pace.

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art direction

concept development

brand strategy

visual design

website design+



Creative direction & brand strategy

Roos Bulder


Riley L

Website development

Studio Redefined


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