L'Oréal Professionnel

L'Artist is an ode to the leading

Dutch hair and make-up artists. Inspired by 1960's documentary and black and white photography.

L'Oréal Profesionnel wanted to do something special for their best hair and make-up artists. This resulted in the production of a magazine with the artists taking the lead. They were captured in their second homes, the saloons, an intimate outtake on their signature styles and personalities. 

In collaboration with Eric Elenbaas Creative I developed the identity for the brand new magazine consisting a clear visual language.

Black and white. Classic and modern. 

The inspiration for the magazine was found in documentary photography and black and white elegance. An outspoken but sophisticated concept that is close to home for beauty brand L'Oréal. 

In the proces and creation of the identity I wanted to mix classic with modern elements. This resulted in combining two complete opposite typefaces that complement and strengthen each other. The concept of combining classic with modern is sensible throughout the magazine. A strong, modern and clean grid with classic, edgy and unexpected elements. 


Art direction

Visual identity


Creative direction

Gregory Barendregt


Ruben de Wilde


L'Oreal Profesionnel


Eric Elenbaas Creative

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