The careless



Today's teenagers - the digital generation - are born in an era of global uncertainty. They are more (dis)connected than ever. 

For this project I worked on an industry brief from Converse. The objective was to get teenagers to connect with Converse's oldest shoe, the One Star. 

It did not take long to find out that today's teenagers are suffering from the world's uncertainties. They are dealing with the pressure of society and are born in a world where everything already has a meaning and a place. Combined with social loneliness that comes with today's technology, it is no wonder that these kids have the highest anxiety and depression rates in history. 

Where is the spirit of today's youth, if they can't be growing up as kids anymore?

Converse is not about being cool, it is about being real.

With the #CARELESS campaign we dare young girls to say no to what society wants them to be. We encourage them to be real. To be themselves. But most of all, be the careless youth they're supposed to be. 

Through a mobile first activation campaign we ask the youth to share their most careless selfie. By sharing they get the change to become part of the Converse community. Where status is not measured by likes. 

One star? Oh yes! #CARELESS









Creative concept


Mobile first activation





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